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Brighton Group Health (BGH), was founded in 2020 as a boutique strategic consultancy operating in the health-services sector. From Day 1 what defined us was the depth of knowledge we bring to our clients given our many years of experience working within the industry. Our consultancy team better understands the many challenges facing healthcare today, as we have all “walked in our clients’ shoes”, working in both the private and public sectors.

As healthcare is constantly evolving, it would be unreasonable for anyone to claim to have all the answers. However, given our collective experiences and skills, we know we can better define the fundamental problems facing healthcare today, and then, through our finely tailored approach, creatively solve them.


Tara McCarville, MPA, PMP, CHE, ICD.D

Tara McCarville is Principal at Brighton Group Health.  She is also a Corporate Director at WELL Health (TSX: WELL.TO). Brighton Group Health is a boutique strategic consultancy operating in the health care sector. Our talent is being able to see what others might not, to connect the dots in new ways. We believe the healthcare system should work for everyone. We exist to find the best solutions to the toughest challenges facing healthcare today. With a professional background in healthcare, management consulting and telecom, Tara has over 20 years of experience providing senior leadership in the private, public and not for profit sectors. She is an experienced, senior health executive who translates complex strategy to high performing operations, while developing talented and accomplished individuals and teams. Tara has built a reputation as a skilled communicator, exceptional relationship builder and collaborative health sector leader.

Our culture

It's time for new ideas and new solutions.

The healthcare industry is going through unprecedented times. It is at a flash point as Canadians expectations of receiving superior ‘universal care’ remains high, but an aging population, questionable governance, growing consumer demands, providers abandoning careers, figuring out how to operate in a post-pandemic world, and more, has put an enormous strain on our system.

On the other hand, healthcare’s recent remarkable response, both globally and here in Canada, to rapidly solve for a crisis, with new, effective vaccines and protocols, was unprecedented in modern medicine. Leaders in our health system are well aware, it is time for new ideas and solutions. They are looking for bolder recommendations, faster implementations, and solutions that are outside the traditional ways of doing things.

There is a new understanding within healthcare, that the old chestnut of “more money and more bodies”, is no longer the answer to every problem.

One example of this breakout thinking is virtual healthcare which, only a few years ago was shunned by patients who would only accept personal, face-to-face care. But the pandemic changed some minds, and changed healthcare. That said, the digital age also created new hurdles, like consumer data privacy issues. Just like Newton’s third law, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” healthcare is driven by societal, political, public, private, and economic forces that make it a challenge for anyone to see all the connections.

All this complexity creates new opportunities for creative-minded, visionary firms, to play a critical role when it comes time to talk about and implement change.


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