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Strengthen strategies and value propositions

Driving more value from your business is a priority for any leader. It is critical that your organization has a clear, thoughtful, relevant, and achievable growth strategy that will deliver value to your partners. Brighton Group utilizes customized frameworks and tools to strengthen our clients’ strategies and value propositions in the context of doing business in the Health Sector. We tailor strategies to reflect your critical and unique market capacities and jurisdictional considerations to ensure that your organization can leverage its competitive advantage to drive value and scale. We bring a global market lens to the development and execution of growth strategies. Scaling across jurisdictions in the health sector can be complex given the different regulatory and payer environments. We bring a risk based approach to strategy development, and experience in multiple jurisdictions to help accelerate decision making.

Organizational Strategic Plans
Go-to Market Strategies
Jurisdictional Scans & Leading Practices
Competitor Analysis / Market Assessments
Investor Identification & Outreach
Pitch Deck Content Development & Refinement
Partnership Strategies


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Our consultancy team better understands the many challenges facing healthcare today, as we have all “walked in of our clients’ shoes”, working in both the private and public sectors.

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