Tackling HHR to get back to Humanism in Healthcare

Humanism in healthcare is the respectful and compassionate relationship between care providers and patients. Most of us have had experience as either a patient or family member (or both) with our health system. The human moments have a profound impact on how we navigate the most difficult times of our lives.  

We have been spending time with patients this week to solicit input on a health centre strategy. Every patient in our sessions noted kindness as the underlying theme of their most memorable experience.

Their stories resonated deeply and are aligned with why I love being in healthcare. My daughter weighed 1.8kg at birth. She required time in a level 4 NICU and was eventually transferred to a special care nursery. Within 24 hours, we were separated when I was readmitted to a different hospital. I will always remember and be eternally grateful to one staff member, who just sat with me and held my hand. Humanism played a critical role in my recovery.

The health human resource crisis makes these interactions extremely difficult for providers who are exhausted and just don’t have more to give. We must accelerate the brilliant recommendations that have been articulated in writing, at conferences and in the media. We won’t get through this crisis without humanism.

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