Terminology Matters: Femtech vs Women+ Health

There is growing awareness around gender-based health equity gaps, and the opportunities to address them with technology, focused clinical research, and improved access to services. In North America, healthcare purchasing decisions are dominated by women. Most health care providers are women. Still, the market for women specific health (one that is expected to be valued at over $60 billion by 2027) continues to be underserved.

The term “femtech” has been around for a few years. Supporters of the term advocate that it not only helps bring greater attention and focus to women’s health issues, but that it has also been helpful to attract funding. Have founders and investors in this space experienced this to be true? Market researchers argue that identity based labeling is reductionist and stereotypical. While the term ‘femtech’ may capture cisgender women, it excludes transgender and nonbinary humans.  It can also be confusing to buyers or users, especially for tech solutions focused on reproductive or family health.

A more inclusive - and perhaps more commercially relevant term - is women+ health. It is essential to innovate and invest in solutions that will meet the needs of individuals with female biology. Let’s not let terminology create yet another barrier.

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